THE FAITHFUL The King. The pope. the princess.

A feature film currently in the final stages of post-production. 

The Faithful is a thought provoking journey deep into the worlds of Elvis Presley, Pope John Paul II, and Princess Diana, exploring fans, faith, and image.  Spanning over ten years, from the dawn of a new millennium and well into the new era of digital imagery, the film traces our complex relation to images.

Named one of The Independent's '10 to Watch!'

Directed and Produced by Annie Berman. Edited by Andre Valentim Almeida.

Co-Produced by Sara Theriault. In association with Begonia Colomar, The Center for Independent Documentary, and The Brooklyn Filmmaker's Collective. Still photography by Marieka Kaye. Contributing Producer, Matt Mankins.

With support from: The Puffin Foundation, UnionDocs, The Somerville arts Council, and Individual Contributors and Kickstarter backers. It's not too late to pledge your tax-deductible contribution online to support completion and distribution.