UTOPIA 1.0 in VR Terms of Use

Whenever you use UTOPIA 1.0 in VR, you agree to these terms.

This VR experience is designed for and suitable for people 12 years old or older. It is for your personal use only. Certain content may not be appropriate for all users. Please be aware of the nature of the content before using the VR/360 experience. This VR experience may not work on all VR/360 systems, devices or Headsets..

Downloading the VR Experience and Using your VR Headset

  • You are granted a limited right to use the VR Application solely for your personal use. No commercial use or public display of the VR Application and the VR experience by you is permitted.

  • Your Headset supplier’s terms and conditions will apply to your use of the Headset and related VR equipment. Please follow your Headset supplier’s safety information. Fish in the Hand Productions is not responsible for information provided by your Headset supplier or on its site, or for your use of the Headset and related VR equipment.


Please follow the specific safety and set-up information from your Headset supplier.

Please be aware of your surroundings when participating in any VR/360 experience and do so in a safe manner.

Information Collected

In using YouTube, Google or other third party’s app or website, your personal information may be collected and/or stored by that party on cloud-related servers under that party’s terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Copyright and Other Terms of Use

Each VR/360 experience and any Fish in the Hand Productions Download Package and VR Application downloaded is copyright 2016© Fish in the Hand Productions, LLC and/or its third party partners. All rights reserved.

Fish in the Hand Productions makes available each VR/360 experience (and the downloading of each VR Application via the Download Package) on an ‘as is’ basis, without any warranties, representations, fitness for a particular purpose or operation. The VR/360 experience playback performance may vary depending on a number of factors, including your computer equipment. Fish in the Hand Productions does not provide any support for the VR/360 experience.

You need to ensure the safe operation of the VR/360 experience. Fish in the Hand Productions is not responsible for your use of your Headset, computer or device or the environment in which you partake in the VR/360 experience.