First Sneak Peek at Utopia 1.0 for Gear VR at San Diego Underground Film Festival!

Thanks to dynamic duo Ryan Betschart and Rachel Nakawatase for bringing me to this year's San Diego Underground Film Festival. Films, tacos, old friends and new, and ... as if the rooftop views of sunny SD weren't enough, we had VR headsets to transport us to Utopia 1.0. 

Utopia 3.0: Samsung Gear VR version is here!

Thanks to Wave Farm, for their generous support, and to the NYU VR Lab - especially, the talented Mahe Dewan, pictured here - Utopia 1.0 can now be experienced on the Samsung Gear VR headset. Now, we just need to figure out how to publish to the Google Play store - luckily there's Hardware HackLab next week.


Leap Motion brings presence to Oculus Rift VR

Martin Schubert is doing amazing things with Leap Motion on the Oculus Rift. Finally, we can see our own hands and use our hands to interact with virtual space. There is even a way to swipe switch between a Virtual Reality experience and an Augmented Reality experience. I got to see a demo at the NYME Conference last week. And, the Leap team so generously gifted me one of my own - I'm eager to make good use of this. This and my new Google Cardboard viewer. 

Laurie Sumiye gives Leap Motion a go. NYME Conference NY, NY 2015

Laurie Sumiye gives Leap Motion a go. NYME Conference NY, NY 2015